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Big Orbit would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to improve our website, including general website usability, the Seller System, order management and payments.

We check this page on a daily basis and if an idea does become popular we will seriously consider applying it. We also look for problems so if you do find a problem with the site and submit it on here, we will look into as soon as we can and update you accordingly.
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why on gods green earth are you NOT using paypal I have to go find my wallet etc - I''ll come back in the morning if I rememeber - bad bad plan - take my money now
Kai Barnard, 25.02.2016, 20:20
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CFV section. option to search by grade of card

need option to look for CFV cards via grade similar to how you can search for FOW cards by attribute
edward woodward, 01.01.2016, 13:08
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More details on point system

I didn't see any information on how point work with the site. Are they given when you buy items form the site? I have bought many items but have received no points. The Kaspersky safe money feature may be causing problems with this.
RQ, 23.08.2016, 11:34
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Kaspersky reports website may be hacked

Kaspersky (anti-virus), Mozilla (firefox) and outlook (email) have all reported problems with the website. Suggesting the site may be hacked, that e-mails may be from a imposter and that the website does not supply identity information.
Response from the site administrator
bocadmin, 30.08.2016
Hello RQ,

Thanks for letting us know about this.

To clear up any confusion; Our websites are scanned daily for any potential or existing problems, Including malicious content, so you are at no risk using our sites / receiving our email, so this is most likely a false-positive - However we are actively trying to find out what is causing the problem.

The notice about not supplying any identity information stems from the the type of SSL certificate we use. This just means that our company information cannot be attached to our type of SSL certificate, but this doesn't affect the security of the SSL itself.

If you could email with the domain you were accessing and email address you received the problem email from - that would be much appreciated. Any screenshots would also be of great help.

Thanks again, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Russell Baker
Big Orbit Cards
RQ, 23.08.2016, 11:31
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Please add a way to filter out of stock items.

A lot of the time is really annoying to do a search and have to scroll through pages of out of stock stuff, please add a button so we can choose if it shows or not.
Javier, 30.09.2016, 19:26
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Stock notification, for when something comes back

Basically, some sort of notification system for when items come back into stock.
Response from the site administrator
bocadmin, 03.03.2016
Hi Stefan,

There is already functionality to do this, I have linked to a gallery showing a couple of screenshots below which will show you where the feature is;

All products *should* have this option available, however if you do find a product that doesn't please let us know via our sales / support channel and we'll correct it.
Stefan Brown, 03.03.2016, 00:09